GALANACCI® founded by the Manila-born, Cardiff-trained and London-raised Artist-Designer-Creator GALANACCI (THE CREATOR) in the summer of 2021. The brand stands as an independent beacon of innovative fashion. Every day, through its ambitious 365 series, GALANACCI (THE CREATOR) showcases a tapestry of designs that delve deep into the ethos and essence of the brand.

At its heart, GALANACCI® is an exploration, a quest to understand and represent "greatness". It serves as a crucible where ideas, inspired by the raw energy of boxing and the eclectic interests of its founder, meld together. From this crucible emerges not just clothing, but 'Humanwear' - garments imbibed with luxury, purpose, and a call to awaken the spirit of creativity and motivation in every individual.

The path ahead for GALANACCI® gleams with promise. A future where the brand casts a wider net, setting sights on creating a dedicated studio space, nurturing a team to execute its vision, and innovating with custom-crafted garments that echo its ever-evolving philosophy.

And as for the name? "GALANACCI" is a harmonious blend of the founders surname "Galan" and the Italian mathematician "Fibonacci", symbolizing the brand's innate ability to merge heritage with genius.