GALANACCI® is the self-discovery of one's 'greatness' and it is a collective movement expressed through the medium of garments.

GALANACCI® is independently run by the Manila born, Cardiff trained and London based artist-designer-creator GALANACCI (THE CREATOR).

GALANACCI® aim's to explore the notion of "greatness" through art, design and fashion. The brand serves as a melting pot for curated ideas rooted in the sport of boxing and the founder's personal interests with a goal of creating and motivating through luxury screen-printed garments. 

In the near future, we have plans to expand into our own studio space, build a dedicated team to run operations, and design custom cut/sew garments and many more.

The name "GALANACCI" is a wordplay between the surname, "Galan," and the name of the Italian mathematician, "Fibonacci."