A child destined for greatness; a feeling and a knowing from deep within.

How will the child express it to the world?

As the course of life sets sail, the child discovers ways to set ablaze to its flame and prevail.

But as time goes by, the child gets absorbed in the turmoil of life. The chaos pierced through the child’s inner world like a knife; what was once a roaring flame has now reduced to a faint glow.

The child reached deep down and confronted its darkened soul with the hopes to reignite its glow.

Realising greatness lies within the soul. Be brave and be bold. Fight for your light to shine through like the starry night let it inspire those who have fallen in the dark and lost their sight.

For you are that child, continue to fan your flame until your dying day and burn bright like the sun in mid-July. No matter how hard life gets; greatness awaits within you and I.


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