What Is “Compound Intuition Design”?

At GALANACCI®, we've always believed that true innovation in design springs from a blend of intuition and consistent effort. This belief led to the birth of our unique design philosophy: "Compound Intuition Design." A philosophy that became the backbone of our ambitious 365 Series.


The Root of Compound Intuition Design

The concept of Compound Intuition Design emerged not from a structured blueprint, but as a natural evolution of creative practice. It represents a gradual layering of ideas, inspirations, and skills over time. Much like compound interest in finance, where small, consistent investments grow exponentially, this design approach relies on daily, incremental creative inputs that collectively transform into a significant body of work.


The 365 Series: An Example of Compound Intuition Design

When we embarked on the 365 Series – designing a unique look every day for an entire year – it was more than a test of endurance; it was a real-world application of Compound Intuition Design. Each day's design wasn't just an isolated creation; it was a building block, adding to the growing narrative of GALANACCI®.


Ups and Downs

Throughout the series, there were days of effortless inspiration, where designs seemed to materialize out of thin air. But there were also days that tested our resolve – like sketching while being ill or finding creativity amidst a busy travel schedule. These experiences underscored the essence of Compound Intuition Design: staying true to the creative journey, regardless of circumstances.


Learning and Growth

A crucial aspect of this journey was the immense learning curve. With each design, our skills in sketching, storytelling, filming, and editing were honed. This continuous learning and adaptation are central to Compound Intuition Design. It’s about evolving and growing with each creative challenge, letting intuition guide, but also allowing the discipline of daily practice to shape the path.


Looking Ahead

As we conclude the 365 Series, it's clear that Compound Intuition Design has fundamentally shaped GALANACCI®. It’s a testament to how creativity, when nurtured daily, can lead to extraordinary outcomes. This philosophy will continue to guide us as we explore new horizons, innovate, and remain true to our mantra of being “Pioneers of Greatness.”



In essence, Compound Intuition Design at GALANACCI® is more than a methodology; it’s a celebration of the creative spirit. It’s a reminder that greatness in design is not just born out of grand gestures but through consistent, small steps, taken one day at a time.


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